Symptoms of Appearance of Hypodinamy

Nowadays, a disease such as hypodynamia, which arises from the conduct of a sedentary lifestyle, is gaining widespread acceptance.

The main symptoms that indicate the appearance of this disease, is an increase in appetite, resulting in quickly gaining excess weight, irritability, fatigue, as well as drowsiness.

The group at risk of developing hypodynamia includes office staff, programmers and other specialists who, by their activity, are forced to sit throughout the whole working day. This causes the atrophy of the muscular system, which requires a large amount of time to be restored, and sometimes the intervention of doctors, while not always achieving the desired result.

As a result of the fact that in this disease the brain receives insufficient oxygen, its efficiency decreases, and frequent headaches occur, which worsens the general condition. Such people are reduced protective function of the body to resist various diseases.

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