Summer – Time for Health Promotion

Summer is the best time for rest, and this is indicated by the fact that it is at this time of year that most people take time off to go to the seaside, where you can sunbathe and swim.

However, in order to strengthen their health and gain strength for a whole year, those people who do not have the opportunity to go to the sea can have a good rest near rivers and lakes. In summer, almost all open water bodies have warm water, so you can not swim in them, only adults, but also children.

Experts say that swimming is one of the sports that is useful, both for the heart and blood vessels, and for the whole organism.

Moreover, unlike swimming pools, bathing in ponds also hardens it, so do not miss the moment and in your spare time go to the river. A whole year of constant work and household chores make themselves felt, because often there is fatigue, irritability, reduced efficiency, which often leads to depression.

Active Rest on Nature Gives Charge

Especially this applies to residents of cities, where, in addition to dirty air, dust and a lot of artificial lighting, one has to deal daily with the bustle created by a large number of people in transport, shops and other public places. In order to remove fatigue, hiking in the forest or mountainous terrain, where you can go on weekends as part of the whole family or with friends, is good.

Such an active rest will have a positive effect on the brain and nervous system, will give a charge of vivacity, and improve overall health, and this is not to say that such a holiday will provide a lot of pleasant unforgettable impressions.

Summer is a time when you can go in for sports outdoors, especially since such exercises have a double benefit, because they are performed not in a stuffy hall, but in the fresh air saturated with aromas of flowers and other plants, so do not miss the chance. Throughout the summer, various berries, fruit, vegetables, in which at this time the greatest amount of vitamins are ripening, so take advantage of the moment and replenish the reserves of your body with all useful substances.

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