Strawberry: all advantage and harm for an organism

At the end of spring the season of plentiful strawberry begins. However if you waited the whole year for these tasty berries, you should know nevertheless, than they are useful and why sometimes bear harm for an organism.

Strawberry not only tasty, but also is often used in the medical and cosmetic purposes. In Ivona suggest to learn more about fragrant berries.
Advantage of strawberry

Strawberry contains the mass of useful substances and is one of the main sources of minerals. It also contains iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, silicon, zinc and copper.

Besides, the whole complex of vitamins is a part of strawberry: And, In, With and others. Thanks to antioxidants, skin of the person becomes elastic and elastic, and folic acid in strawberry is irreplaceable for normal work of a reproductive system.

Consumption of strawberry also improves sight, helps at gout, strengthens memory, accelerates exchange processes in an organism. Thanks to salicylic acid strawberry has anti-inflammatory property.

Especially at women, strawberry struggles with cellulitis: small stones of berry act as a peeling, stimulating blood circulation in problem zones, and acids bleach skin and increase its elasticity. Also with strawberry you can not worry because of excess calories because it is a popular product during diets and fasting days.

Harm of strawberry

Unusually, however nevertheless strawberry contains a large amount of fruit acid which does it harmful to people with digestive tract problems. It is not recommended to use strawberry at a hypertension, especially to patients who take the drugs on the basis of an enapril. In combination with berry he can create the raised load of kidneys.

Strawberry also rather strong allergen therefore you enter it into the menu gradually. And at first test strawberry face packs on the small site of skin.

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