Some Rules of Occupation in Sports

One of the main problems that exist in European countries is obesity, which affects a growing number of people, and recently it affects children.

In this regard, some schools prohibit the sale of high-calorie krema Bioretin sastav food, and other measures are taken so that children do not suffer from this ailment.

Experts say that overweight is the main cause of many diseases, including diabetes, hypertension, as well as problems with the work of many organs, including the heart system. In order to constantly крем Bioretin състав maintain themselves in good physical shape, not enough dietary food, because it is necessary to actively engage in sports, which makes it possible to burn excess calories.

Most people who lead a healthy lifestyle prefer to play sports in the morning. It is worth noting that you can play sports at any time, following certain tips:

– do not engage in an empty stomach;
– to choose the right clothes and shoes;
– do not allow heavy loads;
– choose suitable sports.

Most experts say that the first half of the day is most suitable for sports.

It Is Not Recommended To Indulge In An Empty Stomach

At the same time, German scientists, after conducting a series of experiments, determined that if you are engaged on an empty stomach, as its sensitivity increases, which reduces the amount of nutrients, which can lead to malaise and dizziness.

Also, do not eat a lot of food, but, a glass of warm water or a banana, eaten half an hour before the start of classes, will replenish the body with carbohydrates, which will give extra energy.

The most accessible sports are running, which is engaged in the greatest number of people. The main reason for this is that for such classes it is not necessary to spend significant cremă Bioretin compoziția sums of financial resources, but it is enough to purchase sports shoes and a suit. And, you can not run, only in the summer, but at any time of the year, for which you should choose clothes according to the season.

It is worth remembering one rule that you should not run around in the traffic area of ​​a large number of vehicles, because this is not safe for health.

It will be better if you run in a park and forest zone, where the air is much cleaner.  Starting to engage in any kind of sport, it is necessary to perform a warm-up, which leads to κρέμα Bioretin σύνθεση tonus, both the muscular and the vascular system. In addition to this, for the first time the days of classes do not aim to set a record, but gradually add loads, thus, classes will bring both moral and physical pleasure, and not harm the body.

Depending on the age categories, it is necessary to make the right selection of classes, and if the youth and middle-aged people are more like intensive classes, then older people should prefer krém Bioretin összetétel fast walking and easy running for short distances. Scientists have proven that daily walking for an hour, contributes not only to the burning of calories, but also positively affects the nervous system.