Some Myths About Water Use

Everyone is well aware that our body should be replenished daily with water, which ensures the work of all organs, and is also necessary for the normalization of the metabolic process.

In addition, together with water, we receive Dietonus tauku deglis useful substances that contribute to strengthening the protective properties of the body, and this is not to say that with its help harmful accumulations are derived.

Already for many years there are some theories about the rules of drinking water, some of which are untrue or not properly applied. Among them the most common is:

– Drink at least 2 liters of water daily
– drink only bottled water
– do not drink while eating
– to refrain from drinking during training

In order to prevent dehydration, which worsens metabolism, as well Dietonus spalovač tuků as the risk of developing various diseases, an adult should use at least two liters of liquid during a day.

Some people understand this literally, and drink during the day, at least eight glasses of water, not realizing that in many foodstuffs, especially vegetables and fruits, it is contained in large quantities.

For example, cucumbers, watermelons and zucchini are more than 90% water, so when using them, consider the amount of fluid consumed. Most nutritionists recommend drinking water as much as Dietonus arzător de grăsime the body requires, because excessive use of it can also negatively affect well-being. The main reason for this is that there is a violation of sweating, as a result of which sodium is washed out of the body.

How Much Water Should I Drink?

The amount of liquid consumed can depend on various factors, among which the important role is played by weather conditions, because in the hot season people drink much more water, which contributes to the improvement of Dietonus zsírégető the whole organism’s functioning, and also supports the water-salt balance.

The same goes for working conditions, because it is scientifically proven that office employees drink less fluids than people who are engaged in heavy physical labor.

Due to the fact that nowadays in many regions water supplied by pipelines does not always correspond to quality, some people prefer to drink only water from bottles.

However, experts argue that some companies Dietonus riebalų degiklis use various additives in order to extend the shelf life of their products, which can adversely affect the health status.

Therefore, a good option will be the use of special filters for cleaning the pipeline water, provided they are replaced and boiled in time. There is an opinion that during the meal you should not drink water, and you can do it only 30 minutes after eating. However, Indian scientists, after conducting a series of experiments, determined that the liquid consumed during meals, on the contrary, improves the digestive system. The same applies to the rejection of water during exercise, because the fluid helps improve the performance of the heart muscle, because it dilutes the blood. However, you must remember that you should not drink too much.