Some Habits, About the Environment of Which We Do not Suspect

Sometimes we do harm ourselves, but we do not even suspect it. Many of us, going to work or rest, take their food with them, packing them in plastic utensils, as it is very convenient.

However, with prolonged storage, and even more so when heating containers, even from sunlight, plastic reacts, while releasing harmful substances that absorb products.

After eating such food, a number of serious diseases, including cancer, can occur, therefore, it is better to use foil or paper bags for such purposes. Another bad habit is that we sometimes restrain the process of sneezing, because of which the blood pressure of the cerebral vessels rises, which can lead to serious consequences.

Frequent use of perfumes, especially in large quantities, also does not contribute to improving health, therefore, young girls need to use it very rarely, because at their age there is no such need. At the same time, never use that make-up that has expired, and no matter how sorry it is to leave it, it’s better to throw it away.

What to Pay Attention

Many of us have a good habit of playing sports. Doctors constantly say that it is beneficial to health and longevity, but let’s look at it from the other side. From the point of view of exceptional benefits, we can distinguish moderate physical exertion — easy running, push-ups from the floor, squats without weighting, and so on. Any excessive load (powerlifting, crossfit, or professional sports) can be harmful and dangerous. Therefore, always remember that even good habits can be harmful if you go to extremes.

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