Some Factors That Accelerate Aging

Everyone, regardless of age, tries to do everything possible to look as young as possible, especially for women who spend a lot of time on their appearance.

Japanese scientists, having conducted the study, determined that there are some factors that contribute to aging and deterioration of the appearance. One of them is to maintain optimal temperatures in living quarters, because here we spend most of the time.

This is especially true in winter, when the air becomes dry due to heating, which adversely affects the skin condition and can cause various respiratory diseases.

In order for this not to happen, it is sufficient to use air humidifiers, as well as a cosmetic cream that prevents dry skin.

Influence of Air in the Room on Health

Also important is the air temperature, which should be within 22 degrees, especially at night, so as not to disturb the quality of sleep. Regardless of the weather conditions, do not forget about daily airing, because clean air helps improve mood, improve efficiency and improve health.

However, if a house or apartment is located in an industrial area where air pollution is often observed, special devices can be used instead of ventilation, which will effectively cope with this task.

Everyone is well aware of the need to observe hygiene, but one should not, this applies to addiction, for example, after each touching objects, wash hands using soap, because this can lead to the removal of the protective layer, as well as cause allergic diseases.

The same goes for washing hair with shampoo. The quality of sleep depends largely on the bed linen, and, this does not only concern the cleanliness and freshness of the pillowcases and sheets, but also the material they are made of. Experts argue that preference should be given to sets of natural silk, because it accumulates less bacteria, and, thanks to the elasticity, wrinkles appear less on the face.

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