Some Causes of Diabetes

According to experts, every year there are more people who have a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, and this concerns not only elderly and middle-aged people, but also youth.

It is well known that the main causes of this disease are overweight, sedentary lifestyle and malnutrition, for example, frequent inclusion in the diet of sweets and sugar.

However, as a result of studies conducted by scientists of one of the American universities, it was found that the causes of the appearance of such a disease can be those that most people do not even guess. One of them is the management of an uncommunicative way of life, which is often true for single people.

The fact is that this has a negative effect on the central nervous system and can provoke not only the development of depression, but also diabetes. At the same time the risk of its appearance in single people increases by 110%, especially for elderly people who live independently.

Why You Should Limit Salt Consumption

Nutritionists do not recommend completely excluding salt from the diet, because this mineral is necessary for a normal metabolic process, however, abuse can cause the development of various diseases, not to mention the deterioration of fluid withdrawal from the body.

In addition, it became known that every extra gram of salt consumed increases the risk of developing diabetes by more than 40%, while it concerns people of all age categories.

It should be borne in mind that salt is found in many products, especially for semi-finished products, sausages, not to mention salted fish.

For many years, experts have been arguing about the benefits and dangers of coffee, while they are of the same opinion that a person who does not have heart disease and other contraindications, moderate consumption of it has a positive effect if to adhere to certain rules.

One of them is to drink no more than two cups of coffee, and in the first half of the day, giving preference to natural. In addition, coffee contains substances that reduce the risk of developing diabetes by 10% if you drink it without sugar.