Smoking Lowers Life Expectancy by 10 Years

Smoking Lowers Life Expectancy by 10 YearsDue to the fact that every year the environmental condition of the air is getting worse, especially in large industrial cities, the number of people suffering from various diseases is growing.

Experts say that according to statistics, rural residents began to differ from townspeople longer life expectancy. Spanish scientists Electricity Saving Box где купити have carried out a number of studies that have revealed that longevity is influenced by factors such as:

– lifestyle;
– heredity;
– food;
– psychological condition.

It is worth noting that health and longevity by 50% depends on what kind of lifestyle a person prefers to lead. Scientists have determined that smoking reduces the years of life for at least 10 years, at the same time, you can abandon this addiction at any age, despite the fact that the body needs a long Electricity Saving Box kur pirkti period of time to restore normal functions.

Young people are advised to periodically check the pressure, which should not exceed 140/90, and as for people older than 50 years, this procedure should be carried out much more often, especially to those who suffer from pressure changes.

Physical education strengthens health

At the same time it is proved that to improve overall well-being, it is necessary to exercise at least 30 minutes daily, and as for people who are inactive, for example, office employees, these norms should be increased at least twice.

From genetics, life expectancy on average depends on 20%. In addition to playing Electricity Saving Box kus osta sports, you must adhere to proper nutrition, for which there is a wide variety of special menus developed by nutritionists. As you know, the inhabitants of Spain are longevity, in which nutrition plays an important role. The fact is that in this country preference is given to marine products, as well as to vegetables, fruits and greens.

In addition, olive oil is widely used, which contains useful substances that improve the metabolism, as well as preventing the development of various diseases, including cancer.

A good option is the daily intake of five servings of various vegetables and fruits, for example, an apple, a banana, carrots, because Electricity Saving Box mua ở đâu in each of them there are vitamins, amino acids and other useful substances. Also in their composition is an insignificant number of calories, which is an important factor, because every year more and more people are suffering from excess weight.

It is this reason that reduces the duration of life, at least eight years.

There is a certain category of people who prefer to drink alcohol regularly, without thinking that this habit reduces life by 23 years. It became known that the more often a person is on the open air, the better his psychological Electricity Saving Box kur nopirkt state, as demonstrated by tests conducted by specialists. Therefore, try to pay less attention to electronic means, preferring walks, for example, instead of using public transport, try to walk several stops on foot every day, which will not only improve your health, but will also contribute to longevity.