Smoke or not Smoke?

Millions, that there are millions, billions of US dollars, manufacturers of tobacco products receive annually.

And this business is completely legal throughout the world.

And as some part of humanity does not try to criticize tobacco and its main use in cigarettes, it still does not prevent to ship this product in hundreds of tons around the Globe. There is an opinion that this business is run by those people who control the whole world on Earth. However, this information is not confirmed, so we will not accentuate it. It is important to note that no manufacturer of tobacco cigarettes does not force you to take and smoke it completely. Nevertheless, even the fact that some manufacturers began to listen to government bills and put huge letters on packets of cigarettes, that they are very harmful to health, then according to world sales statistics, this did not affect tobacco consumption and general human dependence.

Nicotine addiction

However, over the past few years, you can observe an alternative to cigarettes, in a familiar form, which gradually bites off a certain proportion of businessmen specializing in tobacco growing. And the name of this product sounds like an electronic cigarette, Naturally in appearance it is completely different from the one to which we are so accustomed. Thanks to the special electronic mechanism of this device, it is possible to artificially create tobacco smoke and tighten it.

In our country, this type of cigarettes has gained popularity due to the fact that people can there adjust the level of nicotine, which enters the lungs of the body. Thus, smokers began to deceive themselves that thanks to this device they can gradually give up their usual cigarettes. But as practice shows, only some citizens were able to reduce the level of nicotine and gradually abandon cigarettes in general. The main mass of people began to buy these cigarettes in order to use them instead of the usual ones, because it is cheaper and more convenient, just got it, pressed the button and you smoke yourself.

However, doctors began to warn that this type of artificial nicotine can be much more harmful than natural.