Smile Only Sincerely

Some people sometimes use an insincere smile, thus hiding the true attitude towards a person.

Most often this happens at work, when the subordinates try to flatter the boss, despite the fact that in his heart he does not like him.

German scientists, after conducting a series of experiments, found that such behavior adversely affects the psychological state of a person and can lead to a number of serious diseases, including depression.

Therefore, in order not to expose your health to danger, do not pretend, but rather be yourself and smile only sincerely. If you do not agree with the opinions of others, it is better to express your point of view, and you will notice how you will feel better.

Experts recommend that you smile as often as possible, because laughter prolongs the years of life and this is proved by science. To cheer up, cheerful music or a humorous entertainment program is well suited. In addition, give a smile more often to other people, and you will notice that in return you will also be smiling.

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