Skin condition can tell about your health

Our hands perform most of the functional tasks in everyday life. With their help we eat, write, push buttons on the computer or drive a car.

But few people know that the state of our hands can sometimes indicate the general level of health of our body.

As doctors say, sometimes external changes in the skin or the condition of the hands can diagnose various diseases and even prescribe a treatment.

In this publication, we want to tell you about the most basic symptoms that you need to pay attention to when looking at your hands.

What should I look for?

Flowing palms and fingers. Many people at a certain age are faced with the problem of increased sweating of the hands. Wet palms can be the result of nervous tension or stress. Sometimes you can have such a problem because you are just worried or have a feeling of fear. But if sweaty palms are an ongoing problem, then most likely you have hyperhidrosis – a disease that is quite successfully treated with medication or special ointments. Contact your dermatologist for more information.

Cold hands. This is another characteristic symptom that signals us about the presence of certain problems in the body.  If, under normal ambient temperatures, you always have cold hands, this may be a result of improper operation of the central nervous system or poor blood circulation. If the problem is permanent, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible for a complete medical examination.

Puffiness of the hands. The swelling of the fingers or palms can indicate that there is an excess of salt in your body or a lack of water. We recommend that you undergo a preliminary examination with a doctor to understand the cause of the problem.

Nervous tremor of the hands. This is a fairly common problem in the elderly after 45 years. Most often this may be due to a lack of B vitamins in the body, as well as with a strong psychological or physical overstrain.

Keep an eye on the condition of your hands and carefully react to any changes and then you will definitely be healthy!

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