Signs of a Good Physical and Psychological State

Nowadays, there are a lot of different recommendations, observing which, you can feel in good physical and psychological shape.

In this case, it is not necessary to adhere to a strict diet, because the rejection of various products, especially useful, can negatively affect the metabolic process, as a result of which the work of many organs will be disrupted.

This will lead to the fact that the protective function of the organism will decrease in opposition to various diseases, not to mention that such a category of people often experiences a depressed state, nervousness that naturally negatively affects the emotional state and worsens the quality of life.

Spanish scientists, having conducted a series of studies in which elderly people took part, found that in order to live as long as possible and feel happy, it is necessary to observe some simple rules:

– adhere to the right diet
– keep fit in good condition
– normalize sleep

It is proved that those people who do not suffer from various diseases do not have psychological dependence on food intake.

Food Should Be Varied

The body will work well in those cases if it receives all the necessary beneficial substances in a moderate amount, because even an overabundance of the vitamin can cause allergies and other changes in the work of the organs.

At the same time, each person independently determines the required amount of food consumed, provided that the calories received will be consumed during the day, because otherwise there will be excess weight. Experts argue that most diseases, including diabetes and hypertension, are more likely to appear because of excess weight. As for the menu, it should include a variety of dishes, preferring sour-milk and marine products, as well as vegetables and fruits. In addition, meat of low-fat varieties, as well as fats, both vegetable and animals, should not be ruled out.

Products with a high content of various additives, but more often they can include canned goods, confectionery and sausage products, as well as products with a long shelf life.

In this case, it is worth remembering that in order to avoid any disruption of the stomach it is necessary not to skip the main meals, arranging snacks between them. Regardless of age, you need to move more, which makes it possible to strengthen the bone and muscle systems, as well as improve the blood supply, which largely depends on the work of the heart and brain. In the course of the experiment it was found that if a person without any efforts and stops rises up the stairs to the second floor, while not experiencing shortness of breath, this indicates a good physical preparation.

Do not forget that walking the stairs is one of the best exercises for strengthening the heart muscle, therefore, residents of multi-storey houses are recommended to use the elevator less often.

Claims that optimists and those people who constantly experience positive emotions feel healthier than pessimists are not always correct, because it is natural for a person to experience different emotions, including stresses.