Sex for Men

It is absolutely not a secret for anyone that after full or partial puberty, both girls and boys, all these young people begin to change their outlook, in favor of a new sex life.

Yes, if you look at the data that the US shows, you can see that the average age of the first sexual intercourse in girls begins earlier than that of the guys. So, there it was noted that girls, at the age of 16, had already confirmed sexual intercourse in 70% of cases, while in boys, this percentage is obtained only in 18 years. As for early intimate relationships, it can often be noticed that girls from 14 years old, and boys from 15 years old can already start having sex. Fortunately, the percentage of such children does not exceed 10, that from the female side, and from the male.

Why is sex so important?

As sexologists explain, having sex is not a difficult matter. But people can prepare for it psychologically only when they reach the age of 17. It is this age that becomes the most massive when most people start getting orgasm from their partner. Naturally, this applies only to the female half of the population. As for men, they can much easier and faster to get pleasure from sexual intercourse than most girls. However, from a medical point of view, a conclusion was drawn based on the Canadian experiment.

The study was conducted for 3100 men. They were allowed to listen to some audio tapes of a female groan during this type of procedure. So, the cat, it was found that when a woman groans from enjoying intimate contact, when she receives an orgasm of the clitoral and vaginal, she makes a special sound that excites men more. In addition, it was also found that at the age of 18-40 years of male audience, the peak of the erection of a man, as well as his noticeable hardness of the penis, there is only in those cases when there is sexual contact with an unfamiliar girl. While a constant intimate connection leads to the fact that it is more difficult for a man to get excited, especially if this person lives with him constantly.