Several Rules for Drinking Tea

Nowadays a wide variety of drinks are available, which can not only quench thirst, but also replenish the body with useful substances.

The most common of these is tea, both black and green varieties. This is not surprising, because they contain substances that produce harmful accumulations, thereby improving the metabolic process.

In addition, tea contains caffeine, which makes it possible to feel cheerful in the morning. In order to benefit from the use of this drink, several recommendations should be observed.

When buying tea, pay attention to the date of its production, because, in fresh varieties contain more useful substances. In addition, give preference to large leaf tea, because the packaged tea in bags often contains various additives that do not only worsen its taste, but can do harm. In addition, for the strength of the packages they are treated with a special solution.

It is worth keeping to the Norms

Despite the useful properties of this drink, do not abuse it, remembering that during the day an adult is recommended to drink no more than four cups. Moreover, it is better to do it in the morning, so that in the evening there are no problems with falling asleep.

There is a certain category of people who prefer to add lemon or its juice to tea, which should not be done, because it worsens the antibacterial properties of the drink. It is better to drink tea without sugar, which can be replaced with a slice of dark chocolate or honey.

It is worth remembering that the water temperature should be about 90 degrees. Brewed tea, like other products, has a limited shelf life, so it is advisable to drink it fresh, especially not to allow repeated use of tea leaves. This is especially true of black varieties, in which, with prolonged storage of the drink, toxic substances may appear. Most dieticians do not recommend drinking tea immediately after eating, but it’s better to do it in twenty minutes.

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