Sauna Prevents Hypertension

Finland is different in that here most people prefer to visit the sauna several times a week, and this is not accidental.

The fact is that scientists have proved that visiting such institutions improves the overall health.

New research has shown that people who do not have chronic hypertension but periodically experience increased pressure need to go to the sauna, because hot steam promotes the dilatation of blood vessels. Thus, the risk of hypertension is almost 50% lower.

In addition, harmful accumulations are excreted from the body, as a result of which the work of all organs improves, and the protective properties of the organism are strengthened in opposition to catarrhal and infectious diseases.

Experts say that regular visits to the sauna, favorably affects the psychological state, relieving nervous tension. This is especially true for people suffering from insomnia, because, by visiting the sauna three times a week, you can significantly improve the quality of sleep. And, as is known, the general condition and working capacity largely depends on him.

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