Running A Useful and Affordable Kind of Sport

Everyone knows that playing sports positively affects the state of health, and also do not allow the collection of excess weight.

Currently, fitness centers, sports clubs and other establishments are available for training, which can be done under the guidance of trainers, but they are not available to everyone due to high rates.

However, there is such a sport as running, which can be dealt with by people of all age categories, and it’s free. The only thing that is required is to avoid heavy loads, to choose the right clothes and shoes, as well as a place for jogging, which should be located in the green zone, where there is clean air.

For the classes, a sports suit and comfortable shoes will suit suitably, and beginners are recommended by experts with soft-soled shoes that will soften the impacts of the feet. Running is best in a park, park or stadium, where there are special tracks, while avoiding city roads, because, breathing exhaust gases of cars, instead of good you can damage your health.

Tips for Beginner Runners

Before you start jogging, you need to master several rules, for the assimilation of which will take at least three months. One of them is the availability of a schedule of training, which must be designed in such a way that the classes are permanent, while choosing small distances to begin to gradually increase.

Before the race, you need to do a little warm-up, and the pace of running should be slow, so that the heart muscle and muscles develop and strengthen. In order to get rid of extra pounds, jogging is well suited, which should alternate with walking, and, from such exercises, you should have fun, but do not experience heavy loads.

Do not forget about water, which should not be drunk, only after training, but also during running to avoid dehydration. Despite the fact that running is considered to be one of the easiest and most accessible sports, it is necessary to get advice from a doctor before starting to practice, because for many people it is contraindicated.

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