Red Onion Recommended for Daily Use

For centuries, people have been using onions and garlic for cooking, and this is not surprising, because they have useful and healing properties.

Including them in the diet, there is strengthening of immunity, replenishment of vitamins, amino acids and other useful substances.

These vegetables improve the work of the heart and strengthen the walls of blood vessels, and also purify the blood from harmful accumulations, including cholesterol, preventing the formation of thrombi, which is an important factor for people suffering from chronic diseases and the elderly.

Employees of the London Medical University conducted a study, which found that onions, especially red varieties, should be present in the daily diet of people of virtually all age categories.

The reasons for this are several and one of them is that the substances contained in it, accelerate metabolism, as well as slow the aging of cells and prevent the appearance of many diseases. It turned out that red onions contain many anthocyanins, which have a positive effect on blood vessels.

This Vegetable Clears Blood From Harmful Cholesterol

As a result of the study, it was found that daily consumption of such onions within three months reduces the level of harmful cholesterol by 20%. It contains a lot of vitamins, including A, which activate the work of the digestive system and contribute to the removal of toxins.

It is worth noting that the substances found in onions have a rejuvenating effect on the entire body, as a result of which the appearance of wrinkles slows down, the condition of the hair and nails improves.

However, one of the most significant factors in favor of this vegetable is that its frequent use prevents the onset of cancer, and also slows the spread of cancer cells. This is due to the presence of quercetin in it.

Onions, regardless of variety, do not lose their useful properties even when heat treated. In order to remove the bitterness and get rid of the specific odor, before consumption, the chopped onions can be poured with boiling water for several minutes. So do not miss the opportunity to give the dishes the best taste and strengthen your health, including on the menu onions.