Reasons for Reducing the Child’s Progress

Reasons for Reducing the Child's ProgressEvery year the school curriculum becomes more and more difficult, so it is often possible to observe the situation when the children’s academic performance is declining.

Many parents think this is the reason that children pay too little attention to their studies.

However, American scientists conducted a study, which resulted in the fact that Maxi Size 之前和之後 the reason for this is not too lazy, but too much information that children are not always able to divide into a primary and secondary task.

And, with this problem, high school students are much easier to cope with, so the decline in school performance is more often observed among schoolchildren aged 10 to 15 years. The fact is that in Hair Megaspray manufacturer our time with the advent of the Internet, children receive much more information than parents at their age.

In addition, many children visit various groups, which is why they have almost no free time, as a result of which the mental system does not get the opportunity to have a good rest. It is proved that in order to relieve nervous tension and “reset” the body, one sleep is not enough, because it requires a quality rest with a change in the situation.

Tips for parents

Therefore, during the weekend it is recommended to travel, and it is not necessary to travel for long distances, but it is enough to go to the forest for mushrooms or a picnic where the child can escape from various problems in the fresh air, which in the future will positively affect his academic performance.

In this case, parents need to do everything possible to ensure that children do not spend a lot of time on a smartphone or computer, since the allowed rate is not more than two hours a day.

The best option if he will spend more time on the sports grounds or visit the pool, because it is proved that the employment of this kind of sport strengthens the muscular and circulatory system, and also favorably affects Hair Megaspray 生產廠家 the work of the respiratory system, heart and others. As for studying foreign languages ​​or attending a music school, such classes are not a rest, as they relate to studies. If a child has a decline in academic performance, it is first and foremost necessary to find out the cause in a calm manner and try to help him overcome these difficulties.

At the same time, in such cases, one should not raise his voice at all, punish with various prohibitions, because such behavior of parents can aggravate the situation even more.

A good option would be if, together with the child, make up a daily routine in which there will be time, both for recreation and for performing school assignments. In doing so, do not forget that he Tinedol composition also must have his responsibilities for working at home, for example, cleaning his room, walking animals, if any, and others.

At the same time, if something does not work for him, you should not blame him for it, but rather show by your own example. Thus, he will develop such Tinedol 結構 features as responsibility, care and respect, which is an important factor for the formation of character. Observing all these recommendations, you can easily improve the child’s progress.