Proper Nutrition Teenagers

Since the beginning of the school year, parents, whose children study at school, are adding to the trouble, among which the proper nutrition of the child is of no small importance.

If during breakfast and dinner you have the opportunity to check the useful properties of the products you use, then, at school, children often buy chips, sweets, hot dogs and other foods with a high content of chemical additives, which do not, only worsen the well-being and disrupt the work of organs , but the likelihood of developing various diseases increases.

In order to avoid this, meals are organized in schools, and foods that are harmful are taken from the cupboards.

Which Foods Are Best For Snacking

Specialists recommend that parents give children as a snack such products that have a beneficial effect, for example, an apple, previously washed at home. In this fruit, in addition to vitamins, contains many useful substances, including iron, which prevents the appearance of fatigue, apathy.

Also a good option is bananas, because they contain a lot of magnesium and potassium, which improves the work of the heart, and cleanse the vessels.

Walnuts are not only nutritious, but they are also rich in fatty acids necessary for the work of the brain and strengthening of immunity, so they can also be put into the child’s portfolio, after cleaning them from the shell.

Do not forget that breakfast is an important meal, not only for children, but also for adults, so you need to ensure that in the morning the child had enough time for a full meal. An important fact is that the diet is varied and balanced, and also take into account the fact that the benefits of the dishes depend not only on the selection of products, but also on the ways in which they are cooked.

Nutritionists recommend eating dishes in boiled or baked form more often, while limiting or completely eliminating fried, salted and smoked products, because such food can disrupt the stomach and cause ulcers.