Products Promoting Blood Liquefaction

It is known that a stroke and a heart attack occurs as a result of the obstruction of the vessels, which arises from the thick blood.

According to experts, in order to avoid clots in the blood, it is necessary to properly form a diet, because some products contribute to its dilution. First, you need to eat as much as possible vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs that are rich in vitamin C, and include sweet peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, as well as onions and any cabbage, regardless of the variety.

As for fruit, it is better to give preference to apples, citrus cultures, as well as pineapples, which, moreover, contribute to reducing excess weight.

Most of the vitamin is found in berries such as cranberries, black currants and sea buckthorn, as well as in dill, parsley, coriander and celery. To increase the effect, it is better to prepare salads filled with olive or linseed oil from these products, which also dilutes blood, and this in combination with vegetables improves the quality several times.

The Ration Should Be Dairy and Fish

Do not forget about dairy products, which contain the least amount of fat, as well as fish, stopping their choice on cod, hake and other low-fat species. It is worth paying attention to the fact that as far as possible, eat foods fresh, because with any heat treatment under the influence of high temperatures most of the nutrients are destroyed. In this case, more benefits will be from products cooked in boiled or stewed than fried.

An important role is played by the support of water balance in the body, for which it is recommended to drink at least two liters of clean water a day, except for those who have problems with kidney work, as well as women who are preparing to become a mother.

Some people take aspirin to dilute blood, which really gives a positive effect quickly, however, doctors warn that if you use it often, you can not only damage your health, but also provoke the formation of blood clots.

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