Products Not Subject To Storage In The Refrigerator

Useful properties of food depend on various factors, including the storage conditions.

After the purchase, almost all the housewives send them to the refrigerator, but do not think that some of them are not suitable for such storage, because low temperatures not only worsen their taste, but also reduce useful properties.

One of them is garlic, which is widely used in the preparation of many dishes, and is also used in its natural form as a natural antibiotic. Especially it is in demand during cold and viral diseases.

In addition, it contains a large number of vitamins and minerals, improving the work of many organs and blood composition, preventing the occurrence of thrombosis.

An important factor is that the regular use of garlic contributes not only to strengthening immunity, but also relieves nervous tension. The best option for its storage is a dry, dark and cool place.

The same applies to honey, the moderate use of which has healing properties for the work of the whole organism and contributes to longevity. However, this product is not intended for storage in a refrigerator, as well as when exposed to direct sunlight, as well as not allowing heating to high temperatures.

One of Them Is Olive Oil

Among food products, which every year are in great demand, especially those people who prefer to lead a healthy lifestyle, is olive oil.

This is not surprising, because in its composition there are many useful substances that improve not only the digestive system, but also all organs, including the heart and brain.

When storing such oil in the refrigerator, its composition deteriorates, as well as its useful properties, especially as it can often be observed that cold temperatures lead to the appearance of a sediment. Everyone knows that the inclusion of vegetables in the diet is recommended to people of different age groups, because they are of great benefit to the work of the whole organism.

However, it is worth remembering that carrots, potatoes and other vegetables should not be placed on the shelves of the refrigerator. Chocolate is a good substitute for sugar, especially since it contains substances that improve mood, while keeping it better at room temperature in a dark place.

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