Products Not Recommended for Hypertension

If just a few decades ago coronary heart disease was quite rare, recently the number of patients with such a disease has increased significantly, among them not only elderly and middle-aged people, but also young people.

Experts argue that the main cause of problems with blood vessels is malnutrition, because many people in the diet often have dishes with a high content of salt, sugar and fat.

Scientists noted several products that pose a particular danger to blood vessels and the heart, and one of them is caviar, both red and black.

Despite the fact that smoked sausages have excellent taste, it is better to refuse to use them, as well as from ready-made pates, because this product contains a lot of fat, which negatively affects the condition of the vessels.

If you want to avoid problems with the work of the heart, do not use confectionery products with cream, as well as those products that are added a lot of muffins. It is not recommended to drink effervescent wines, including champagne, and to limit beer, the daily rate of which for men is no more than half a liter, and for women even less.

Not Always People Feel Elevated Pressure

Doctors say that many people who enter the hospital with an acute heart attack did not feel high pressure, because there was no pain in the temples, the flow of blood to the face and other symptoms.

This is due to the fact that clogging of the arteries occurs gradually and for a while the heart has to work at an increased rhythm, however at any moment a failure may occur, which causes an attack.

To prevent this, starting from the age of 40, it is necessary to measure the pressure every week, which can be done independently with a tonometer. The most common symptoms that often occur in heart and vascular diseases are insomnia, constant fatigue for no apparent reason, and dyspnea, even under moderate physical exertion.

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