Products Included in the Category of the Most Useful

It is not a secret to anyone that the general state of health largely depends on the diet.

Scientists have proved that those people who give preference to useful products differ not only in better health, but also in a high life expectancy.

Spanish scientists for several years conducted a study, participation in which people of different age categories took part. Their main purpose was to determine which products have the most useful properties.

It became known that tomatoes took the first place, and this is not surprising, because their regular use improves blood composition and normalizes blood pressure, and thanks to the content of lycopene, fiber and potassium, this vegetable has a positive effect on heart function and prevents the development of cancer. And this is not speaking about strengthening immunity.

One of Them Is Oatmeal Porridge

Maybe that’s why in Spain after the harvesting, tomatoes are strained holiday, because they are present during the preparation of many salads and traditional dishes.

On the second place there was an oatmeal porridge which nutritionists recommend to use during a breakfast not more often two times a week.

Its composition contains not only a lot of dietary fiber, but also other nutrients, which improve the work of the digestive system, and prevents the development of hypertension.

In addition, it contributes to the removal of harmful savings. Kiwi and grapes are also included in the list of useful foods for several reasons, and one of them is vascular strengthening, as well as the acceleration of metabolism. Regular use of them prevents the occurrence of blood clots.

The same applies to marine products, which should be present in the diet at least three times during the week, because it contains many fatty acids and other nutrients. Broccoli was the first place among vegetables, and this is not surprising, because this cabbage has a beneficial effect on liver function, calms the central nervous system.