Products Featured in Time of the Smog

In many European countries, one of the problems existing at the moment is the improvement of the ecological situation.

This is especially true for large industrial cities, where the smog is periodically observed, during which the level of harmful substances in the air exceeds the permissible standards. Scientists have proved that such air has a negative impact on human health no less than smoking or alcohol abuse. Most often this category includes people with chronic diseases, as well as children and the elderly. Among the most common diseases is allergies, worsening of the heart, and respiratory organs.

In addition, people often have headaches, there is a violation of sleep, which adversely affects both performance and quality of life.

During this period of time, the body accumulates harmful substances that can provoke a variety of diseases, including cancer. However, it is worth remembering that there are a number of products, the regular use of which will reduce the effect of dirty air on the body.

Water Purifies the Organism of Harmful Accumulations

One of them is ordinary water, which an adult should drink at least one and a half liters a day, without taking into account drunk tea, coffee and other drinks. The benefits of walnuts have been known for a long time.

In their composition, in addition to vitamins and iodine, there are fatty amino acids that can improve the performance of the entire respiratory system, which is an important factor in the contamination of the atmosphere.

Among natural antioxidants, it is worth noting the cranberry, the regular use of which improves the body’s defense functions in opposing various diseases, and also strengthens blood vessels. Citrus cultures, including lemon, are also recommended to be included in the diet more often, because it is able to purify the body of its accumulations, not to mention that this fruit, like cranberries, is rich in vitamin C.

Of drinks, preference is given to green tea, which cleanses the body and improves mood, giving vivacity.

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