Private Mistakes When Raising Children

Parents do everything they can to raise their child well, and sometimes make mistakes without thinking about their consequences.

According to psychologists, the most common is the unmotivated award, when, for example, one of the kids deserved encouragement, and not to offend another, he is also presented with a gift.

It is often possible to hear such an expression as “friendship won”, resulting in equalization, which naturally reduces the motivation of the child to become a winner, which requires additional efforts.

Very often parents tell children what they were like in his years, but this should not be done, but rather become a real example in everyday life, for which to lead a healthy lifestyle, not to deceive, and for good.

Try to more often trust children to do homework, and do not punish them if they make any mistake, because this can happen to everyone. The older a child becomes, the more he should have independence, and extra care can only do much harm.