Power Mode Recommendations

In order for the digestive system to work without interruptions, it is necessary to observe certain rules, among which the nutrition regime plays an important role.

When eating at the same time, the body gets used to it, which means better digestion.

The work of the stomach and intestines also depends on the quality of the products and the methods of preparation. It should be remembered that, even adhering to the recommendations for proper nutrition, using only useful food, one should not eat monotonous food for a long period of time.

The fact is that different products contain different substances necessary for normal metabolism, so try to make the menu more diverse. Including in the diet of dairy products, there is not only the replenishment of calcium, but also amino acids, improving the digestive system and removing harmful accumulation from the intestine.

In addition, it is necessary to include at least three times a week marine products, because the substances contained in them improve the work of all organs, including the brain.

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