Positive Thoughts Contribute to Longevity

In order to determine how the psychological state of a person plays on the work of the heart system, English scientists conducted the experiment for a year.

Participants who voluntarily agreed to become people with heart problems.

Over the course of twelve months, every day after waking up, they were offered to immerse themselves in positive thoughts for a few minutes, remembering the best moments from their life, for example, rest at sea, hiking and much more, including those moments when they were proud of themselves.

The results exceeded expectations, because more than half of the participants in the experiment got rid of their chronic diseases. In addition, almost all of them increased their physical activity.

Thus, getting positive emotions, confidence in the future, optimistic views on the future improve the work of all organs and contribute to longevity. Journalists, having conducted a survey among people over a hundred years old, concluded that throughout life they were purposeful and set their goals tried to achieve them.

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