Positive Qualities of Pessimism

Each person is different in its individuality, at the same time, everyone tries to comply with generally accepted standards.

It is known that optimistic people have a better health status, as well as longevity.

However, American scientists conducted a study according to which it was found that there is a certain category of people who need a pessimistic mood to protect themselves from external stimuli. Thus, they protect their body from nervous stresses, which often lead to the appearance of depression.

It is proved that such persons retain a normal psychological state in the event of a difficult situation, because they understand that they are not able to change it.

It turned out that the majority of optimists, despite their activity, try to avoid uncomfortable situation, being afraid to overcome difficulties, which can not be said about those people who are adapting to reality. Nevertheless, in our time to be a pessimist is not popular, so it is difficult for such people to find friends.

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