Pollinoz: 8 methods of effective fight against a seasonal allergy

Pollinoz: 8 methods of effective fight against a seasonal allergy
Pollinoz: 8 methods of effective fight against a seasonal allergy

You go outside — and here it becomes difficult for you to breathe, sneeze, sniff. And all this is instead of enjoying sunny days! We know your enemy – it is Pollinoz, a seasonal allergic disease which is caused by pollen of plants. Here our plan of battle with an illness.

1. Remember investigation

Every year the nature the evil jokes with us: when there are wonderful days and you have to enjoy carefree the sun in the fresh air, clouds of vegetable pollen which causes in many cold, the naggers, skin reddenings soar in this air. Download on the smartphone the Club Pollen application (available to iOS and Android) or similar to it — so you will be able to watch the current concentration of allergens in air.

2. Prepare weapon

Pollen forces your organism to develop antibodies which, in turn, release a neurotransmitter a histamine — it and causes all bouquet of unpleasant symptoms. Prepare spray for a nose флутиказон, and for removal of skin inflammations use the same medicine in the form of ointment (флутиказон — active ingredient which is on sale under different brands. Consult with the expert). Take the antihistaminic drugs and do not forget to pass from drugs of one brand to others that the organism did not get used and treatment did not lose efficiency.

3. Be more cunning

Pollinoz — not an occasion to give up jogs on the street. Just plan the occupations so that they did not fall on the most dangerous to you hours: on average the highest concentration of pollen in air is fixed from 6 to 10 and from 18 to 22 o’clock. It, of course, if there was no rain which beats pollen to the earth (do not miss this opportunity to be run). Well, be on the alert, watch a weather forecast and keep sneakers in readiness!

4. React quickly

As soon as came from the street — take off clothes and push it in the washing machine. Do not hang out a thing to dry on the street, otherwise they will become impregnated with pollen again. Before going to bed carefully wash up hair and a body that pollen did not get on a bed. Do damp cleaning in the apartment more often. Also breathe freely!

5. Construct defense

Buy a humidifier and a room hygrometer, maintain humidity in the apartment at the level of 40-60. Mucous membranes of airways will not dry up, it seriously will facilitate your state.

6. Use a body

To pant? You will be helped by exercise on disclosure of a thorax. Lay down on a floor (yes, in your case nevertheless not on the blossoming field). Such pose: hands lie parallel to a body, legs are halfbent in knees. Raise further a trunk (the head and a foot remain on a floor), as much as possible bend a backbone and in such situation remain thirty seconds. Then lay down on a floor again, take rest, make not less than 10 repetitions.

7. Stock up with vaccine

There is one way to pump over the поллиноз which, however, will suit not everyone: first, can not work; secondly, this method precisely should be avoided if you suffer from a severe form of a pollinoz. So, seasonal tortures can be facilitated if every day to eat a teaspoon of honey which was picked in the region, where do you live. Honey which contains a small dose of that of pollen, fatal for you, will become some kind of “slow vaccine” against an allergy. But we repeat: such treatment is contraindicated to many allergic persons — before applying this plan, learn that your doctor thinks of it to exclude risks.

8. Keep to a diet

If you have an allergy to pollen of trees, then you should not aggravate and eat it fruits with stones (for example, plum, cherry, peaches, apricots). If you react to pollen of weeds, is more careful with a citrus.

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