Optimists Are Distinguished By Strong Health

Scientists have proved that his health and life expectancy largely depend on his psychological state.

Last year, researchers from the University of Duke conducted research, attended by about 2,500 patients, with the problem of the cardiovascular system. It turned out that Chocolate Slim izgubiti težinu bez prehrane those people who are optimists, 40% less often needed hospitalization for treatment.

The main reason for this is that optimism allows less frequent stress and anxiety, which in turn reduces the level of cortisol and adrenaline.

Due to the fact that these hormones help increase blood pressure, the cardiovascular system Chocolate Slim abnehmen ohne Diät worsens and the risk of diseases increases. In addition, we managed to find out that in this category of people better blood tests, because less harmful cholesterol, while the level of antioxidants is high enough.

From The Psychological State Depends Life Expectancy

Thus, optimists have higher protective properties of the organism in confronting various diseases.

In Spain, studies have also been conducted to find out what are the main factors that affect life expectancy.

Everyone is well aware that the country ranks second in the world in this indicator and currently has more than 15 thousand people, aged 100 years and over.

It turned out that almost all long-livers had an active lifestyle, regardless of age. Thus, they managed to avoid being in a state of stress for a long period of time, which negatively affects the state of the central nervous Electricity Saving Box dispozitiv cumpăra system.

Experts argue that the psychological state of a person depends not only on the work of all organs, but also on the likelihood of many diseases, including oncological diseases. In order to constantly be in good physical and psychological form, you need to follow some simple tips, one of which, be active.

In addition to sports, it is necessary to give time to rest and any business, because it helps to strengthen the nervous system and makes it possible to relieve tension.

An important factor is visiting public places, which Electricity Saving Box urzadzenie kupić makes it possible not only to receive new emotions, but also to expand the circle of communication. The same goes for tourist trips, because changing the situation favorably affects the psychological state.

The diet also affects the work of the whole body, so you should stop using harmful products, including alcohol, preferring dietary nutrition, as well as those products that do not contain harmful chemicals.

Sleep is also Electricity Saving Box уред купуват an important indicator of the psychological state of health, because, most often, insomnia occurs due to disorders in the central nervous system. Those people who are constantly nedosypaet, often suffer from headaches, fatigue, irritability and other symptoms, negatively affecting the quality of life.