One unexpected cause of diabetes mellitus

Every year the number of people suffering from diabetes increases on the whole planet, the cause of which often becomes overweight.

If earlier this disease was in people of elderly and middle age, recently it is increasingly observed among young people, and even children. This became especially noticeable after the Internet appeared, which made people less active, because they spend most of their time in front of a computer monitor or a smartphone.

Another problem with the appearance of diabetes is malnutrition, as in the diet there are often confectionery, sweet soda water, as well as fast food products, using which quickly gaining excess weight.

Those who have diabetes, and, as a rule, they also often suffer from hypertension, it is necessary to constantly keep blood glucose under control, avoiding drastic changes.

What Foods Should Be More Frequently Included in the Ration

To do this, you must adhere to proper nutrition and make a menu in such a way that it contains products that cleanse the blood vessels and normalize the level of cholesterol. Here is a list of products, of which at least two items should be in the diet every day.

One of them is avocado, because this exotic fruit helps reduce glucose and improve the performance of the vascular system. This is due to the fact that it contains fatty acids Omega3, which rejuvenate the body.

In view of the fact that the bean contains a large amount of vegetable protein and fiber, it is also rich in amino acids and antioxidants. All these useful substances prevent early aging, but, most importantly, do not allow to increase the level of glucose and toxins.

Do not forget about nuts, giving preference to walnuts, which, in addition to fatty acids, also have zinc, manganese, not to mention iodine and other components that improve the functioning of the body.

Naturally, as with any product, you can not abuse them, but 30 grams per day is allowed to eat even diabetics, who also have fresh berries, vegetables and greens on the table.

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