New Discoveries Affecting Health

Scientists, conducting research, constantly make new discoveries about health.

A few years ago, the use of eggs was strictly limited, especially for elderly people, because it was believed that the yolks have a lot of cholesterol. However, at present, this product is recommended to be included in the daily diet, naturally in a moderate amount, because the eggs do not contain harmful substances, but the protein, amino acids and other components necessary to ensure normal life of the body is enough.

It also became known that for a long time to be in a room with dim lighting is unacceptable, because it negatively affects the psychological state and reduces mental abilities.

In addition, the use of hot drinks can cause a variety of diseases, including cancer. As it became known, there were several new discoveries in the field of medicine, which concern the state of health.

Aging of the Brain Begins After 25 Years

For example, everyone knows that the irreversible process of aging the body begins after 40 years, and, from each person depends on how fast it will develop. However, scientists from the UK determined that the brain begins to age much earlier, after 25 years.

Currently, European countries are gaining popularity maintaining a healthy lifestyle, for which it is recommended to visit sports clubs, where you can get rid of excess calories.

As a result of research it was found out that in such establishments of pathogenic bacteria it is much more than in a toilet, and even those that are capable of causing chronic diseases.

In order for this not to happen, in such rooms it is necessary to constantly carry out wet cleaning, as well as handle the handles of simulators, not to mention the ventilation.

Scientists from Holland have determined that autosuggestion plays an important role during treatment, because, having previously convinced himself that the medicine used has a healing property, the effect of recovery is more successful.

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