Negative Impact of TV on Health

Employees of one of the Australian universities conducted a series of experiments and determined that a long stay at the TV or computer screens adversely affects life expectancy and, on average, shortens it for at least five years.

An adult person pays attention to the TV for about 6 hours a day, which naturally negatively affects the general condition, and, as a physical, psychological one.

With the advent of TVs, people are less likely to be in the open air, resulting in a decrease in the amount of oxygen in the blood, which in turn worsens the work of the brain, which causes early sclerosis, absent-mindedness.

In addition, a low-active lifestyle contributes to the appearance of extra pounds, resulting in increased risk of diabetes, which every year affects more people.

If a few years ago this disease was found in the elderly, but nowadays it is often affected by youth and even by children. Watching TV is not desirable before going to bed, because it can significantly degrade its quality.

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