Negative Factors of Large Cities

Australian scientists, having conducted the study, determined that the life expectancy of citizens living in small settlements is longer than that of residents of large megacities.

The reasons for this are several and one of them is dirty air, which they have to constantly breathe.

A mixture of exhaust gases with dust contributes to a variety of diseases, among which there are more frequent respiratory problems, allergies, and the development of cancer, not to mention headaches and weakness. In addition, constant noise and fuss also adversely affects the psychological state, causing irritability, depression, sleep disturbance, which worsens the quality of life.

If you add a large amount of artificial light at night, as well as an insufficient amount of natural products in the diet reduces the life expectancy. Therefore, living in large cities, try to leave as often as possible to rest on the shore of the pond, or take a walk along the forest paths, enjoying the nature and clean air.