Music Improves the Work of the Heart

American scientists have determined that music positively affects the functioning of the cardiac system, and also allows you to relieve nervous tension.

During the experiment, participants of which were people suffering from coronary artery disease, it was found out that after several sessions of listening to classical music, their heart rate decreased and blood pressure also normalized.

It was noted that musical compositions positively affect the work of many organs, but they can not cure depression, because this requires a course of treatment. In order not to bring yourself to such a state, you must follow certain rules.

Do not pay attention to resentment, even if you think that they were inflicted unfairly. Give enough time to rest, and, active, it is advisable to travel to other places to get new impressions, which have a positive effect on the emotional state and improve mood. Classes favorite way makes it possible to distract from existing problems.

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