Mushrooms Capable of Absorbing Poisons

It has long been debated about how useful the use of mushrooms, and if some experts say that they have no useful substances besides protein, others – on the contrary prove that they are able to prevent various diseases.

In fact, the composition of the fungus contains trace elements and vitamins that improve the metabolic process, not to mention the fact that they have excellent taste qualities.

With the onset of autumn, many people go to the forest for mushrooms, because such an occupation positively affects the psychological and physical condition of a person, while it is possible to prepare a variety of dishes from the harvested crop. However, it is worth remembering that fungi can absorb harmful substances, which, if ingested, can cause poisoning.

It is worth remembering that you can not collect mushrooms in industrial areas, and also near roads, because even edible mushrooms growing in such places can become poisonous. Collect only those kinds of mushrooms in which you are sure and do not keep them for long in plastic bags, as they absorb harmful substances and quickly deteriorate.

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