Most Diseases Occurs Because of Nervous System Disruption

Spanish scientists conducted a series of experiments in order to find out which people are most often exposed to various diseases, including colds.

First of all, these are those who have a very weak protective function of the body, since they are not able to fight against viruses and bacteria.

An important role is played by the state of the nervous system, because, more often those people who have an unstable nervous system are ill.

It is understood that they are often quick-tempered, and most often for no apparent reason, and also express constant dissatisfaction, both at work and at home, for which they are often called grumblers.

In addition, air purity plays a big role in the state of health, and if you compare the inhabitants of large megacities and those people who live in mountainous areas, the latter suffer much less from heart diseases, diabetes and many others, especially those associated with respiratory organs. Naturally, smoking and alcohol are not, only do not extend the life years, but also create a threat of oncological diseases.

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