Most Common Parental Faults

With the birth of a baby, young parents have a lot of worries, because in addition to feeding, bathing, walking it is necessary to ensure that the child is not accidentally harmed.

Specialists note that there are a number of violations of the rules of child upbringing, which some mothers do not even suspect.

One of them is the feeding of porridge at night, as a result of which the biorhythm disturbs in the child, not to mention that it contributes to disruption of the stomach and intestines, as well as a set of excess weight, which will be difficult to get rid of.

You can not put the child to sleep on the stomach, because in this position, it makes it difficult for oxygen to enter the lungs. Often there is a situation where the baby is left unattended on the table where he is swaddled, as a result of which he falls, getting injured.

You should not teach a child to sleep at night with the light on, because this will negatively affect the pace of his growth, besides, he will have a fear of remaining in the dark. The same goes for the habit of leaving a bottle of milk or water in the baby’s crib.

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