More Total Pesticides In Winter Strawberries

In winter, when you go to the supermarket, you can see on the shelves a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, from the purchase of which, despite their cost, it is difficult to refuse.

The fact is that they are all grown in greenhouses under artificial lighting, and in order to get a good harvest, farmers are forced to use a variety of chemicals to enhance their growth.

Specialists, after a series of experiments, found that the greatest number of pesticides, from which there is not only obesity, but also cancer, were found in winter strawberries. In addition to this berry, a group with a high content of harmful substances also included pears, peaches, as well as spinach, sweet peppers and some other fruits and vegetables that must mature in the summer.

Therefore, in order to replenish your body with vitamins, while doing no harm, it is better to use dried fruits, in which at this time of year there is the greatest amount of nutrients. Early fruit is especially not recommended to give to children, because they may have poisoning, not to mention more serious consequences.

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