More on the Topic Daylight Saving Time

A very large number of people know that on the last Sunday of March and the last Sunday in October, most of the countries of the European Union, including our country, translate the clock for summer and winter time, respectively.

Naturally, according to the statements of a very large number of doctors, this transfer can greatly affect the chronic diseases of people who suffer from heart diseases, as well as the part of the population who likes to sleep for a long time, that is, they are considered owls.

Nevertheless, the state does not comment on this at all, since this transfer is due to the fact that it has an economic benefit for the budget of the state treasury. Thus, it remains only to put up with this and prepare your body for this transition.

As it was said in one of our previous articles, in order to reduce the risk of changing the habitual biorhythm of a person, preferably within a week, before going to the winter time, go to bed for 10-15 minutes later than usual time, increasing this time daily until such time state, how it will reach one hour. This can significantly help the body cope with the change of time, so as not to injure its sick people.

How to adapt quickly?

In addition, it is strongly recommended to abstain completely from the notion of alcohol, so that at the time of the transfer of time, and also after a week, after the transfer of time, do not even drink a bottle of beer. Naturally, all this is relatively relative and can only apply to the part of the population that really has health problems. It is important to note that very often doctors recommend that in these days people become engaged in themselves more intensively, that is, as soon as they wake up, they immediately start doing morning exercises, after it is very important to wash their face under cold water. In addition, it is necessary to finish the bathing completion process with a contrast shower, that is, a few seconds to take a cold shower. This can significantly improve the overall tone of the body, and also add vigor and energy.