Modern People Began to Feel Worse Smells

Scientists say that modern humans began to feel worse smells.

It is not so much a consequence of evolutionary development as change of the typical lifestyle. The fact that many modern people have to deal with a variety of unpleasant odors and flavors. In addition, most of the food they eat, have a strong flavor of spices and various flavor enhancers. Naturally, all this has a negative impact on the olfactory organs and reduces their susceptibility to a slight odor.

The researchers said that based on the latest results of the experiments we found out that it is now for the fact that the olfactory organs of modern man about 15% worsened their sensitivity as compared with the 50-year-old.

Main reasons

The main factors that contributed to this kotroye:

A high concentration of harmful substances in the environment;
High levels of dust and dirt on the premises;
Amplifiers modern food tastes;
Uniformity of odors, which are necessary to perceive the olfactory organs.

As a result, according to experts with a similar trend as early as 30 years, humanity may face the problem of almost complete loss of the ability to smell the flowers and plants, the sea air and other light flavors. And yet, the best smells are natural flavors!

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