Methods Preventing the Occurrence of Stones in the Kidneys

According to statistics, every tenth person in the world suffers from such a disease as kidney stones, and this is mainly true of adults.

Surely, many of you do not know how to prevent the appearance of such a disease, so we recommend that you read the tips of experts advice that must be adhered to for prevention.

According to American scientists, one of the simplest, accessible and at the same time the most effective means for removing stones from the kidneys is clean water, which should be drunk as much as possible.

Until recently, there was an opinion that the appearance in the kidney stones is promoted by calcium, however, after the results of recent studies, scientists say that this statement is 100% untrue. Moreover, those people who adhere to dietary nutrition, in which calcium intake is limited, the risk of kidney stones increases several times. It is worth recalling that the greatest availability of calcium is found in dairy products, so it is necessary to include it as often as possible in the diet, and for people of all age categories.

Exclude Red Meat from the Ration

But the consumption of red meat is desirable to limit or completely refuse, because this product contributes to the appearance of stones. One of the main components of the stones is sodium, and, as is known salt, this is the very mineral that naturally should not be present in the menu of people suffering from stone kidney disease.

People who are prone to such a disease are recommended physical activity, of course, they should be moderate, because in heavy work a large amount of fluid leaves the body by sweating.

At the same time, do not forget that you need to maintain your weight in the norm. In order to relieve the pain, which often causes insomnia, use a bottle of hot water, applying it to the waist. Another tip, most often use pomegranate juice, watermelons, beans, as well as celery, which, thanks to the high water content, will prevent dehydration and contribute to the removal of stones.

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