Member XXL – #1 Penis Enlargement & Male Enhancement Supplement 2019

Today, online advertising is filled with promises of an instant increase in the male penis with the help of various diets, exercises, creams and nutritional supplements.

Obviously, most of these methods do not give a good result and are simply useless. But we can not completely exclude the possibility of increasing the length and diameter of the male penis using non-invasive methods, because there are many successful examples that confirm that this is quite realistic. Today we decided to sort out this topic in detail and understand how to increase penis size without surgery and without harm to our health.

What Size Is Norm?

The most frequently asked question that interests many men is what size can be called normal? Practice shows that most guys compare their “friend” with the size of the penis of porn actors, and this causes an inferiority complex. But at once we want to reassure all men: the actors are selected as a result of hard casting and out of 1,000 people only a few dozen selected men with huge “bolts” get on the screen. From the point of view of physiology, a male penis from 10 to 18 cm is considered normal during erection.

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The average length is 13.3 cm. Nevertheless, many men and women are not satisfied with sex, even if the penis is 15 cm long. This is where the overwhelming desire arises to somehow increase their manhood with the help of surgery or alternative methods.

Invasive Penis Enlargement – Pros and Cons

If you decide to enlarge your penis with surgery, we recommend that you carefully weigh all the advantages and disadvantages. In fact, with invasive intervention, you can add up to 5 cm to the existing size. But you must understand that any violation of the integrity of the skin requires general anesthesia and is performed on the surgical table.

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Even after a successful operation, you still need a few weeks for rehabilitation and recovery, during which you cannot move normally, put your body under physical stress or have sex. Also, do not forget that the cost of such an operation is very high and in some clinics you will have to pay a lot of money. Given this fact, most men are looking for non-surgical and natural methods.

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Member XXL – Choose Your Penis Size and Act!

Until recently, there was a well-established stereotype that it is impossible to physiologically affect the length of the penis without surgery. But the recent discoveries of scientists allowed to change this opinion. For the first time, the Member XXL formula was discussed at the international conference of urologists in 2018. Since then, the unique properties of this active food additive have been studied in many countries and more than 90% of experts have confirmed the high effectiveness of the product.

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As a result of scientific research, it was found out that with daily consumption of a dietary supplement in 9 out of 10 cases, it is possible to achieve a real increase in penis size up to 4-9 cm in just 90 days! The product has a full effect on the urogenital system, increases testosterone levels, and also stimulates blood circulation to improve the quality of your sex. Despite your age, you can enhance the main aspects of your sex life:

– To prolong sexual intercourse by 150%
– Increase testosterone production by 140%
– Stimulate blood flow to the pelvic organs;
– Increase erection and endurance in bed;
– Have sexual activity in a condom or after drinking alcohol;
– To avoid problems with the prostate or impotence, even after 50 years;
– Control ejaculation and increase the activity of sperm;
– Increase the length of the penis to 9 cm and a diameter of 4.5 cm.

For any man, the size of his penis is a very important topic. If we draw an analogy with wildlife, the size of the genitalia can be called one of the main elements of the superiority of the alpha male over other males. It is not surprising that more than 85% of women dream of meeting a man with a large penis, since at the physiological level it seems more advantageous to them to continue the race. Unfortunately, the majority of men have a penis no more than 15 cm and this is not enough for full satisfaction during sex for both partners. That is why today the penis enlargement industry is so popular.

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But is Member XXL so good, as written about it in the comments on the official site? All this looks a bit fantastic, so we decided to verify the words of the manufacturer and asked for expert comments. Here is what Dr. Lewis from the University of New Mexico, USA, told us:

Dr. Lewis University of New Mexico, USA

“I have been working as a urologist for more than 15 years and I have seen many different means and methods that promise a good result — vacuum pumps, extenders, exercises, diets, creams, ointments and even hypnosis. But all these methods were ineffective and the maximum result recorded after them +1 cm to its original size. When I first heard about Member XXL, I was skeptical about this tool. But the real results of my clients turned out to be fantastic! Member XXL capsules for penis size increase are a real find for anyone. About men! The product really helps to increase testosterone levels through the presence of ingredients such as Chinese Magnolia Extract and Ginseng Root Extract.In addition, L-arginine, the main secret of male sexual power, is present in these capsules. a good result and I recommend ordering Member XXL to all men who have a problem.”

The manufacturer Member XXL guarantees the quality of its goods or returns the money within 90 days after purchase. You can take capsules daily and not feel any side effects. It is noteworthy that the complex of active components does not contain Gluten, Sugar, Chemistry or Hormones. This is a 100% herbal composition, selected exclusively from healthy plants and vitamins.

How does Member XXL work?

The penis enlargement program is designed for 90 days. To achieve a good effect, you need to take 2 capsules Member XXL daily with water. Clinical studies confirm that after 30 days the average effectiveness of the product is +2 cm to the original size of the penis. The maximum recorded result after the end of the 3-month program was +9 cm!

Unlike other methods, this nutritional formula has the most gentle and natural effect on the tissues of the penis, thus avoiding tears or scars. You will not feel pain, discomfort or weakening of an erection. On the contrary, the majority of laboratory research participants noted a noticeable increase in libido and erection.

To increase the effectiveness of using this dietary supplement, you must control the daily dosage and not exceed it. Before use, it is recommended to consult a doctor if you are sensitive to an allergic reaction.