Meat of Old Animals Affects DNA

When buying meat, most people pay attention to its appearance, while not thinking about the fact that the age of the animal affects the quality of meat.

This was found out from the results of the analyzes that were obtained after the study by scientists from Harvard University.

During the experiment, they used the meat of a young deer and a twenty-year old. It turned out that the meat of the old animal, in addition to the fact that its quality worsened due to the hardness of the tissues, carried the danger of changing the DNA.

The fact that the animal for many years of life accumulated a variety of harmful substances, and as the aging process is inevitable, they were deposited in meat.

Drawing a conclusion from these studies, scientists argue that the use of “old” products adversely affects our health and speeds up the aging process of the body. Therefore, going to the store, it is worth paying attention to such products, especially as for the health of eggs, fish, vegetables and fruits, in which there is everything necessary for the normal functioning of the body, will be more useful than meat.

What is The Most Useful Meat?

Vegetable protein from meat or fish has a high value for our body, so these products should certainly be present in our daily diet. But today we are offered many varieties of meat from various animals. The most valuable dietary meat is rabbit, turkey, chicken breast. Also high value is veal. But the consumption of pork is recommended to reduce or completely eliminate, since this meat has high cholesterol and caloric content due to the concentration of fat.

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