Main Principles of Weight Loss

A professional nutritionist shared tricks that help you quickly and easily lose weight by the summer.

The first principle: do not eat in the kitchen, it is better to get away from the refrigerator, for example, retire to a room.

The second principle: it is necessary to eat from small plates, in them the portion seems larger. It helps to avoid overeating.

Next, you need to remove fatty foods from the diet and move from more delicious fried foods to boiled ones.

The specialist also recommended to abandon wieners, sausages, sausages, while increasing the amount of consumed greens, vegetables and fruits.

The fifth rule of rapid weight loss is slow food intake, it should be given no less than 20-25 minutes.

And one more little trick: you need to eat bread only from wholemeal flour or wholegrain.

Contraindications are possible, consultation of the expert is required.

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