Main Causes of Vision Deterioration

In our time, an increasing number of people suffer from impaired vision, not only the elderly, but also the young.

Experts argue that there are several reasons for this and one of them is too Hair Megaspray price much attention to electronic media. Especially it became relevant with the advent of the Internet, when a certain category of people spend almost all of their free time in front of the computer or smartphone monitors.

In order not to damage your health, it is personal money loans recommended that you periodically charge for the eyes, and also during each hour, be distracted from such activities, preferably to go out into the street to look from far away to a short distance.

Scientists do not advise giving time to gadgets more than two hours a day, but some people have to work with them every day. Such persons need to take special care of their eyesight.

Malnutrition can also be the cause of visual impairment, especially if there is a lack of vitamin A. In such cases, it is necessary to balance the diet, including as much of the vegetables and fruits as possible, and also marine and dairy where can i loan money fast in the Philippines products. The menu should include products such as eggs, liver, sweet pepper, carrots, as well as dried apricots and others. Those people who adhere to dietary nutrition, differ not only in better quality of sight, but also in good health, and are less likely to suffer from both colds and infectious diseases.

In addition, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and, as is known with food, we get all the necessary substances, contributes to the prolongation of life, because some of them contain substances that slow the aging of cells.

In this case, it is necessary to limit or completely refuse fried, fatty, smoked and salty foods, because they negatively affect the work of the stomach and intestines, not to mention the decrease in the quality of sight.

Poor Blood Supply Due To Excess Weight

Visual impairment can occur due to poor blood circulation, especially for people who are overweight, who are more likely to suffer from hypertension than others.

Scientists have proved that overweight is one of the main reasons for the development of various diseases, including vision loan for seaman no collateral problems.

In addition, incorrect reading, meaning, if there is a habit of keeping prints at a distance of less than 30 cm from the eyes, also adversely affects the organs of vision.

In sunny weather, and not only in summer, but also in winter, you should not give up sunglasses that protect the retina Philippine bank loans for OFW from direct rays. A sudden loss of vision may indicate a heart attack, stroke, or cerebral circulation, so in such cases it is necessary to call a doctor.

Do not forget that after 50 years of age there is an irreversible process of aging, including impaired vision, therefore, the elderly need to periodically consult a doctor who will give recommendations for maintaining a good vision, as long as possible. From the way a person treats one’s health, the general condition, including vision, depends.