Main Causes of Puffiness

Main Causes of PuffinessThere is a certain category of people who often have swelling, the cause of which is the accumulation of a large amount of fluid in the body.

This state negatively affects not only the appearance, but also worsens the quality of life, because it leads to numbness of different parts of the body. In addition, excess fluid does not tempat pinjam uang tanpa bunga allow fat burning, which leads to weight gain. The main causes of fluid retention are:

– Infringement of blood supply;
– Excess weight;
– disruption of the kidneys and other diseases.

However, most of the puffiness occurs not because of diseases, but is provoked by some factors, among which one can note insufficient physical activity, changes in weather conditions, especially this is important for the elderly.

In addition, edema can be a side effect due to the use of various drugs and salt abuse. To determine the reason for the delay in fluid withdrawal, it is necessary dana tunai tanpa kartu kredit to undergo a survey. In any case, the general state of his health and life expectancy depends on each person.

How to get rid of edema

Therefore, following some tips, you can cope with this problem.

1. Daily walks;
2. Do not allow dehydration of the body;
3. Proper nutrition.

Scientists have proved that daily walks contribute to the improvement of the circulatory system, strengthen the work of the heart and brain, and also prevents the accumulation of excess fluid. Especially useful is fast walking, which should last at least an hour.

During this time, the musculature is activated, which leads to rapid circulation of blood and a uniform distribution of the fluid, which displays along with perspiration. An important factor is that walks every day have a beneficial effect on the psychological state and normalize sleep, so, regardless of age and weather conditions, never give up on them. There is a certain category of people who consider the cause tabel pinjaman KTA mandiri of edema a large amount of drunk flu, so try to drink as little water as possible, which can not be done, because it leads to dehydration.

The fact is that together with water from our body harmful accumulations are derived, while you can drink not only pure water, but also herbal infusions. A significant role is played by food, because together with the products we get all the necessary substances. To avoid puffiness, you should stop DR.HANCY 大乳房 taking products that harm the body, while preferring dishes cooked using natural products. Do not give up carbohydrates, especially in the morning, so breakfast is best prepared porridge.

When choosing fruit, pay attention to kiwi, apples, pineapple and strawberries. In the diet should also be present foods high in vitamin B6, which include carrots, celery, onions and zucchini. Adhering to Maxi Size before and after these simple recommendations can not only get rid of edema, but also always feel in good physical shape.