Main Causes of Edema Foot

In our time, more and more people suffer from various diseases associated with disruption of the musculoskeletal system.

There are several reasons Varicobooster Bewertungen for this, among which the most common are:

– overweight
– injury
– malnutrition
– working conditions

In elderly people, as well as those persons who for a long period of time are forced to sit or stand for long periods, for example, waiters, sellers, hairdressers, often swelling of the legs.

At the same time, a certain category of such people are engaged in self-medication, using various folk remedies, without thinking that the cause may be a violation of the work of some bodies.

Therefore, with the frequent occurrence of edema of the Collamask anti-wrinkle cream legs, it is recommended to undergo an examination in order to establish the exact cause. In those cases when such symptoms appear, for example, because of excess weight, then it is necessary to do everything possible to bounce back.

For this, there is no need to adhere to strict diets, because many of them can negatively Collamask crème anti rides affect the metabolic process and reduce immunity, which is unacceptable in winter, when cases of cold and viral diseases increase.

Specialists have shown that attentive attitude to the selection of products, as well as the conduct of active lifestyles, give a positive result without causing harm.

An Important Role Is Played By The Diet

For this it is necessary not to abandon a full meal, it means breakfast, lunch and dinner, between which to arrange snacks.

In this case, the amount of food consumed should be reduced, as well as monitor calories. In the diet must necessarily be present foods with a high content of potassium, which include bananas, apricots, leaf lettuce and dried apricots.

In the summer, it is more often to eat watermelons, strawberries, cucumbers because they have diuretic properties.

It is worth remembering that the rejection of sweet and fatty foods, helps to reduce excess weight, while it should not be forgotten that no proper nutrition will not give a positive result, with a low-activity lifestyle. Therefore, it is necessary to take for a rule daily to Collamask Creme gegen Falten engage in various sports.

Certain products, such as salt and sugar, prevent the removal of liquid from the body, so those who suffer from swelling should limit their use. In women, pain in the legs, including swelling, can occur due to wearing high-heeled shoes.

Those people who have to stand for the whole working day should take a pose more frequently when their legs are at the level of the heart, which will improve the outflow of blood.

One of the reasons for the appearance of swelling of the legs, which is accompanied by shortness of breath and skin discoloration, may be a disruption of the cardiovascular system. Specialists note that there are DR.HANCY 價格 cases when due to disruption of the liver and kidneys, lower extremities also swell. If certain rules are observed, regardless of the work, many chronic diseases can be avoided, including those associated with the musculoskeletal system.