Lonely People Are More Frequently Affected by Diseases

Scientists have found out that loneliness also negatively affects a person’s health, like smoking, alcoholism and obesity.

However, in this case it is necessary to take into account a very important factor, that its influence is strengthened exactly to the extent that a person feels lonely.

There are many examples where people managed to live up to a hundred or more years, while practically during their whole life they did not have a family. However, they took an active part in many public events, and they had many friends, which positively influenced the psychological state. But, there are not always such cases, as, more often lonely people suffer from heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension and many others.

Especially it is observed in the elderly, therefore, in such cases, experts recommend the establishment of pets, while calculating their financial capacity to keep them in proper form. Taking care of animals, a person leads a more active way of life, he has a sense of responsibility and care.

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